Manifesto - SISTAFUND

The game is changing

Gender equality is fueling discussions everywhere.
General awareness is everything - and yes, it’s happening. And yet we say: it’s not enough.

We need more female founders

More gender-balanced teams. Why? They overperform, that’s why. Yes: companies with +30% women in their founding team are 2.5x more profitable. Because they’re bold. They beat adversity. They shake up conventions. They summon the future to challenge the present.

The time has come for the SistaFund.

We’re taking a stand - answering female entrepreneurs’ calls everywhere. We’re taking action - raising the first pan-European 100m€ VC fund dedicated to supporting companies founded by women and gender-balanced teams. We’re partnering with them, in France, Europe and the U.S.From 0 to 1. And millions.

We are the new generation of venture capital founders

Together, we have created a community of exceptional and committed talents : entrepreneurs, partners, best-in-class experts. Together, we will challenge the status quo. Together, we will knock down yesterday’s biases - reshaping the world in 4 key areas: Healthcare, Fintech, Sustainability, and Frontier Tech.

Women don’t need to be shown the way, they need to be given resources

Our purpose is to help write new stories and create value - simply. Their vision will be our gender-balanced horizon.

Our legacy will be Equality